ConnectPOS Vs. Magestore POS

Whether your shop is online, offline or a combination of both, POS always plays a role as “the heart” of the whole sales system. POS has transformed itself from a cash register system into a point-of-sale solution. This is available on both the phone and cloud platforms that can be tailored to the store, customer and e-commerce management systems.

Therefore, POS system is a “must-have” module that is indispensable for today’s retail business. But now many POS solutions are launched, it will be difficult for consumers to choose.

Today, I will give you a comparison between the POS of Magestore and ConnectPOS of SmartOSC for consulting and choosing the product that best suits your business.

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The similarities between Magestore POS and ConnectPOS

To provide for business operations, the POS solution of the vendor must meet or at least have certain features to work. Therefore, with the POS of Magestore or ConnectPOS from SmartOSC, they must have the following minimum and the same features:

First, they have similarities in target users. Most of the customers using Magestore and ConnectPOS are start-ups, SMEs (small and medium enterprises), agencies, retailers …

ConnectPOS and Magestore POS

And both products generally support running on PC, Mac, and iPad devices.

They also work well with a wide range of peripherals:

  • Barcode scanner
  • Card Reader
  • Receipt printer
  • Cash Drawers
  • Customer Pole Display

In addition, they also all have basic features such as:

  • Inventory Management / Multi-store management
  • Order & Checkout
  • Payment
  • Customer Management
  • Report System

But these two vendors, surely they have to own some outstanding features that are considered as competitive points of them to compare with competitors. What is that? Let’s follow the next chapter to find more.

Bonus: Download this comparison chart features 7 POS systems from Magestore, BoostMyShop, Ebizmarts, ConnectPOS, Webkul, MicroBiz Cloud, and Quickbooks POS.

Outstanding and different points between Magestore POS and ConnectPOS

ConnectPOS from SmartOSC



This is a great POS solution for your Magento-based web store. It provides a quick and simple check-out in 3 steps, high speed and high accuracy in calculation. The main features that this extension can offer you are: accept multiple payments, accept deposits, refund, and exchange, real-time synchronization with Magento 2. Also, ConnectPOS is great when it comes to:

  • Product organization, which means it can support all types of Magento products, search for products quickly by name, ID, SKU or barcode.
  • Display products, so you can easily switch between grid view and list view
  • Barcode support, to assign existing barcodes to the product, and scan barcodes to add products to the customer’s cart.
  • Stock inventory – to check the stock of each store and synchronize it in real time with the online store, avoiding the sale of products not in stock.

ConnectPOS - Order & Checkout

ConnectPOS – Order & Checkout in 3 steps

In addition, ConnectPOS offers you a smooth and intuitive payment process, including 3-step checkout, order note, custom sale, advertising, multiple tax rates, delivery, receipt and support iPad device.

Highlight features

  • Ease to use
  • High speed
  • Accurate calculation
  • Online-offline mode
  • Real-time synchronization with Magento
  • Hardware compatibility

Specific analysis

More specifically, to talk about the features of ConnectPOS, we can also emphasize the following competitive points:

  1. Accurate Calculation: ConnectPOS calculates metrics, especially taxes, faster and more accurately than many other selling points on the market. ConnectPOS applies the Magento tax rule but calculates directly instead of sending data to Magento and waiting for the result to return. That is why taxes for all items in the cart can be added to the total receipt value at a glance.
  2. High Speed: They aim to provide the fastest Magento POS for multi-channel retailers. From data loading to ordering, billing and payment processes, ConnectPOS is optimized for ease of use and fast performance. It helps cut down the time employees spend on training and time-consuming customers while waiting.
  3. Real-time synchronization: Customers, products and categories, tax rules, and other settings are synchronized in real time with ConnectPOS. Your cashier is notified of the latest updates and, from there, can provide accurate information to customers and ensure they have a consistent experience across all sales channels.
  4. Many devices: ConnectPOS works on PCs and Macs during this time and they will soon have an iOS-based version. (Now, Magestore support all devices above but including mobile – iOS and Android. This is one of the differences between two vendors) You can prepare to say goodbye to the complexity of buying web-based and iOS-based POS separately because we will deliver both in all price packages.

Magestore POS system

Magestore POS system on the mobile platform (watch on iPad).

  1. Customization: With ConnectPOS, you can customize the receipt template with your logo, website and store address for different purposes. We provide powerful translation tools so you can change the language displayed in the local language to make the language locally-friendly. And do not hesitate to contact us in case you need a customized solution to meet your specific needs.
  2. Hardware compatibility: ConnectPOS is compatible with many POS hardware vendors so you can use the equipment you own and save significant money on new hardware.

Magestore POS

So when you’ve already known about ConnectPOS from SmartOSC, then what’s the differences with Magestore POS, what are their outstanding features? Let’s explore!

Magestore POS - Magento


The Magestore Magento 2 POS extension is rapid, powerful and easy to use. The whole checkout procedure is accurate and user-friendly. Payment processing is quick, secure, and flexible. Note that Magento 2 POS supports multiple payment methods (both online and offline). Besides, it can be easily connected to other Magento extensions making inventory management or such marketing features as reward points and gift cards available for your offline buyers.

Magestore POS is known for its powerful software with major enhancements such as:

  • Inventory Management
  • Stock Management
  • Multiple Payment Types
  • Loyalty Management
  • Gift Vouchers / Gift Card
  • Reporting
  • Discount Management
  • …etc

With this tool, you will easily satisfy your customers, whether customers have a difficult personality.

Outstanding features

Let’s figure out core user-oriented features of the Magestore Magento 2 POS extension:

  • Customers can save costs with only one-time payment
  • The flexible UI/UX checkout experience
  • Attract attention to customers with quick trading methods
  • Set the flexible coupons on POS screen
  • Payment process is processed quickly both offline and online
  • Easy delivery and efficient products management
  • Even offline, do not miss out on sales

Magestore POS features

Specific analysis

  • Add Items Without Headaches. There are two ways how a product can be added to cart: by scanning barcodes or by clicking on product thumbnails. Both approaches offer a fast and user-friendly way of product processing.
  • Out-Of-Stock Notifications. Another important feature is related to out-of-stock products: the Magento 2 POS extension adds a warning icon essentially reducing chances that an unavailable item will be added to cart.
  • Further Purchasing. Each transaction can be put on hold and recalled for further status update and purchasing.
  • Custom Sales. The Magento 2 POS extension adds the “Custom Sales” button to the interface, so it is possible to create orders with items that are not available in the system (or were not updated).
  • Offline Orders. If you have no Internet connection, it is not a problem for Magestore Magento 2 Web POS. Due to the IndexedDB storage, all operations are kept within the system and synchronized with the online database when the connection is available.
  • Payment Methods. As mentioned above, Magento 2 Web POS by Magestore supports both online and offline payment methods. Thus, you can equally use credit card processing by or Stripe; cash in; cash on delivery; and of course integrate a credit card swiper to provide customers with the fastest payment solution. Furthermore, it is possible to use both split and partial payments. It means that a customer can use multiple payment methods simultaneously as well as split order total into several parts to pay them later.
  • Inventory Management. Due to the integration with the Inventory Management extension, Magento 2 Web POS provides such advanced capabilities as synchronization of all sale locations and a warehouse. As a result, it offers real-time inventory tracking and rapid updates.
  • Integrations. Other useful integrations are related to such extensions as Reward Points, Gift Card, and Store Credit. All three can be connected to your POS system, so coupon codes or points can be processed right on a POS screen.
  • Customer Management. Although Magento 2 Web POS by Magestore supports two ways of checking out – as a guest or as a registered user, it also collects customer data that can be used for further customer management. Thus, all orders and refund history are recorded and synchronized.
  • Invoices. There are also several approaches to invoicing available with the Magento 2 POS extension. First of all, it is possible to create invoices by items. Besides, you can provide a document based on the paid order amount. Invoices can be printed or send via email.
  • Refunds. Refunds are possible by both a single item and whole paid amount. Besides, the Magestore Magento 2 Web POS module provides the ability to use reward points in each situation stimulating new purchases.
  • Permissions. If you have several sales managers, the Magento 2 POS extension allows you to set limits on discounts each manager can offer, so only the most reliable sellers will be able to offer the highest discounts.
  • Working Shifts. Another important aspect of Magento 2 Web POS by Magestore is shift management. It is possible to create a new shift, add all events, and get a Z-report that describes each shift. Besides, there are 10 report types available with the module.

Some update features that worth the money paid for it from Magestore POS

It is possible to say Pos of Magestore and ConnectPos of SmartOSC have the advantages of their own. However, with the recent update, Magestore POS promises to create a huge competitive advantage. And it deserves for retailers to consider.

The most-wanted updates for your Point-of-Sale are here!

With 3 most notable features:

  • Faster Checkout by 30x times: Improve store speed during peak time with faster loading and order-placing time
  • New Integrated Payment: Encourage customers to pay more with integrated Bambora & Split online payments
  • Strong Security Upgrade: Ensure staff fulfill their roles only by granting access to specific IP Access

And much more:

  • Faster performance
  • Bigger Data Capability
  • Integrated Payment with Bambora
  • Easier and more flexible payment
  • Better POS security by restricting IP access
  • More efficient session management
  • Z Report and X Report updates
  • Receipt
  • Refund
  • Optimized order process

To better understand these features, do not hesitate to click on the link

Comparision Checklist

Functions Magestore POS ConnectPOS
Place Order
Add product to cart v v
Select Customer v v
Apply discount (coupon code, gift card, store credit, reward point, promotion) v v
Select payment method v v
Select shipping method v v
Select create invoice v v
Select create shipment v v
Checkout v v
Print receipt v v
Refund v v
Payment Methods
Multiple Payment Methods v v
Bambora Integration v
Paypal v v
Braintree v v
Stripe v
Tyro v
IZettle v
Discount and custom pricing v v
Customer Management
Data Centralization v v
Create custom sale items (e.g. for new arrivals) in 2 clicks v
Keep orders on hold for further processing v
Select items in seconds by name, SKU, barcode v v
Multiple stores management v v
Inventory management v
Faster Performances v
Strong Security v
Barcode scanner v v
Card Swipe v v
Receipt Printers v v
Cash Drawer v v


*Bonus tips: How to find a vendor providing prestige POS system?


Having a POS system that meets all the specific needs of your business will be a necessary management module and allow you to focus on meeting the demands of your customers. Whether you are a retailer or a new store owner, how will you use the POS system and how does it work? If you are still having difficulty or have any further questions please don’t hesitate to get a consultancy.

With over 8 years of experience in Magento, more than 70,000 customers and experienced developers, Magestore is confident to bring you the best products, the most comprehensive solutions, and professional services.

Moreover, one suggestion for the retailer when managing a business, you should know that inventory management is very necessary. What is the solution to deal with a lot of products and orders every day?

Let’s explore the Starter – one of the packages in Magestore Omnichannel Solution.

This suite of products includes integrated Inventory Management and POS solutions. Make sure that with the integrated power of Inventory, your business will not have to worry about the messy problems.

Last Words,

We are living in the retail era of breakthroughs. Magento eCommerce solutions have been developed with the sole purpose: Satisfying the demand for an impressive and great shopping experience for customers. At the end of the day, customers may not remember which channel they have interacted with, but they will always remember that everything is “okay” when buying and receiving merchandise from that brand. And if you notice, that is the most important. You may not know the business model – Omnichannel. It’s for you – retailers are wondering how to manage their business.

Magestore Solution

Let’s read more about Omnichannel HERE

An Omnichannel retail strategy on Magento originated with POS, as it is capable of connecting all sales channels to form a complete “ecosystem” that provides customers with a seamless shopping experience, no matter which platforms they choose.

So instead of struggling to manage your business, choose a reputable provider and let them help you master the retail industry.


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