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Why Uberbuttons.com highly recommends Magestore One Step Checkout extension

Why Uberbuttons.com highly recommends Magestore One Step Checkout extension

If you ask me about one of the best extensions at Magestore, I can confidently say about One Step Checkout extension. And our customer also chooses it for their business. A customer story today will inspire you if you still consider before using the extension.

Bill Stevens and UberButtons.com

I have a long interview with Bill Stevens, the VP of operations at UberButtons.com. UberButtons is a custom button manufacturer.

“Ordering printed goods has always been a pain the butt. Every site has their own template and way of handling your files. Having to download templates, create all kinds of file, then waiting to see if it passes inspection. The knowhow for print setup  almost takes a degree or at least some good knowledge of prepress. Which is such a hassle.

We got fed up with those systems and decided to make it easier for clients to order. We are The Easiest way to order buttons. With our simple give us what you got philosophy, simply upload your design or word doc and we take it from there.  Then within 24 hrs we send back a mock up for approval and or changes.” – Bill said.

UberButtons also serves big clients such as Moz, HBO, Walmart, Mailchimp, Mozila, Burger King, etc. And they choose Magestore One Step Checkout extension to optimize their checkout process. Let’s see why!

Why Magestore One Step Checkout extension but not others?

There are 3 main reasons for Bill’s choice, which are the quality of code, support service and the ability to integrate with his system.

Bill started using One Step Checkout extension for UberButtons.com over a year ago. The first reason Bill chose Magestore is the code that is easy for development. He shared – “After carefully checking many shopping cart extensions. We needed a cart that could be tailored to our needs. Many of them had bad code and not easy to work with for development. We came to Magestore and found the cart was easy to integrate and configure for our needs.”

He is also impressed with Magestore support service. He explained that when he needed support, Magestore answered within 24hrs with a solution and helped fix any bugs they encountered.

It’s not only the function but also the design that makes Bill decide to use Magestore One Step Checkout extension. He really liked the responsiveness for mobile payments.

“The UI is where a lot of companies fell short. You have to make it user friendly and not hassle the customer for the payment. If it’s too much work for the customer to pay they will abandon carts or not repeat orders” – He also added.

I am so happy when having this great interview with Bill. He talked about Magestore extension as his own product, which inspires us a lot to develop high quality extensions. Visit his site and I really like what he implemented the extension. I can’t wait anymore to share with you some screenshots 🙂

Magento One Step Checkout extension



If you pay attention to checkout page of UberButtons.com which uses One Step Checkout extension, you will see a small tip here. Beside Coupon Code field, there is a note that shows customers how they can get coupon code. You may test it on your site to see whether it is effective or not 😉

It’s not only One Step Checkout but FAQ is also his good choice

While interviewing, I realized that Bill also used FAQ extension. Both One Step Checkout and FAQ are for user experience enhancement. FAQ extension is a simple product but effective for his site.

“It works nicely, simple clean and responsive”.

Magento FAQ extension


You can hover his FAQ page to know why he is really into Magestore FAQ extension.

How do you feel now? Do you have any interesting story after using our extensions? Just let us know 😀

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