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Web POS for Magento 2 official launching. What’s new?

Web POS for Magento 2 official launching. What’s new?

Dear customers,

Until now, Web POS for Magento 2 is one of the extensions that have gained the most attention from Magestore extension’s users. That is so easy to understand as Web POS is a core extension for Retailers. After a long time of waiting and…here you are! Web POS for Magento 2 is available on Magestore finally and now everyone can get access to it.

I know you may wonder if there are any differences from Web POS for Magento 1? If there are any new features or new changes in the pricing model and policy?…Many questions need the answers. But no worry, we will lay out every detail in this article



You can say it is an inside and out transformation. Compared to old Magento 1, Magento 2 is developed basing on trendy technologies and modern coding. So for sure, the design or UI/UX of Magento 2 is much more improved with user-friendly approach, simplified workflow and performance enhancement. You will have a whole new experience with Web POS for Magento 2.

Speed & storage optimization

Web POS version Magento 2 is built with a new modern source code which will help minimize errors that might rise. Data is stored in indexed database to foster web pos speed of operation. No wonder it is so strong to handle thousands of products while still remain the lightning fast processing speed.

Features optimization

Below are some highlight features in Web POS for Magento 2:

Offline mode

There is almost no distinction between online and offline mode. That is why we no longer feature the term “offline mode” from now on. From create orders, add custom discount to complete order, admin can easily proceed it no matter there is internet around or not. It doesn’t mean you can use Web POS completely without the internet, but it will surely simplify the process and smoothly synchronize the information between 2 working modes.

Filter orders by status


It is nice to be able to view the list of order history. However it can be even more convenient if you can search for an old order with customer name or order ID. You can also handle customer’s order better using filter by order status. Just one click and the order pending, on-hold or cancel list will be immediately shown as you wish.

Cash drawer & working shift management


There is no need to think about physical cash drawer. Now we have a new term: working shift. When sales staff closes his/her working shift, the system will automatically generate a Z-report that helps admin manage the cash balance by payment method. When his/her working shift ends, sales staff can compare cash balance recorded by the system and the amount in cash drawer.

Display product information and out-of-stock item


Sales staff can easily see stock availability right on Web POS interface. With every item out of stock, there is a little red warning sign on the top right corner of the product photo to acknowledge sales staff and prevent misordering. It is also possible to see the product details without having to go to frontend.

There are also several other improvements that will knock your socks off.

Pricing, Policy & Support

The product only has one version for Community with $599. At the early days of release, we are giving away free installation (value at $100). It includes installation and fix any bugs arising during installation. For old customers, we offer free upgrade for Web POS Magento 1 customers who became our customers before March – 2016 and special discount for Web POS Magento 2 customers who become our customers after March -2016.

With new Web POS for Magento 2, we are not afraid to make a big leap in terms of support. We want to give you as many excellent services as we can at the minimized cost to guarantee best experience after purchase. Other than installation service, we provide 2 hours free configuration and various documentation to implement the extension successfully for your business or train for your staff how to use it. So it is completely worry-free when it comes to using the extension in practice.

We still offer 30-day money back guarantee and free one year update.

I hope all you satisfy with these changes. We are willing to listen to your feedback.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

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