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Warning: Magento phishing mails with security patch note contain malware

Warning: Magento phishing mails with security patch note contain malware

Hi our customers,

This week some of our customers received the Magento phishing mails which announce the new Magento patch SUPEE-9789. We inform you that it is fake and it contains virus. There is no security patch announcement with number SUPEE-9789.

WATCH OUT! Do not click any link and do not open attached document. If you receive this phishing mail, please delete it immediately!

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We have received alerts from our customers that they received a mail with the subject: “Critical updates for Magento 1.x and Magento 2.x versions – SUPEE-9789″. This phishing mail announces a security patch with number SUPEE-9789. It contains a text with link to our official website and an attached document (Supee-9789.doc). Our IT department have looked into this problem and announced that:

1. Someone has cracked on our demo site and uploaded this malware to there. Then, they used the email of Magestore with name infor@magestore.com to send Magento phishing emails from our demo server to you.

2. The fake e-mail contains malwares:

  • The attached document containing macros was identified as virus.
  • The link to our official website (Magestore.com). If you click it, you will download a webpos.exe file, which was identified not to be a Magento security patch.

We have immediately locked this malware in our server to make sure that no one can download it. Simultaneously, we also have reported the phishing emails with security patch note to Magento to have solutions and announce all their customers. In addition, we are continuing to find out this problem to stop radically spreading the phishing emails with malware to our customers.

In conclusion

We announce to all our customers in the hope that everyone does not click any link or does not open attachments from such Magento phishing mails. Some of you have read our announcement, please delete this email immediately and share it with your friends. We want to first apologize for any inconveniences that these issues caused you and also would like to thank some of our customers who chatted with us and alerted us of this fake emails.

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  1. I’m glad I have heard about. Thanks Magestore for informing the Magento Community about it!

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