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Unusual Discount: 12% OFF for all extensions

Unusual Discount: 12% OFF for all extensions

As in the previous blog post, we have got 2nd place on Magento 2 extensions challenge, officially sponsored by Magento. To celebrate this special event, we offer 12% OFF for all extensions from 14 April to 16 April.


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With the aim to make your store run more effectively, Magestore try to develop and update the high-quality extensions for Marketing, User Experience, Conversion Rate, etc. Visit to see 17 powerful modules that equip your Magento site well. But actually, you can even get more than discount.

Free Magento 2 Upgrade, Ever!

Believe us! From now on, if you buy any extensions from Magestore, you will 100% get it upgraded to be compatible with Magento 2 for FREE (unlike some providers to pay fee). Let us explain more.

  • Magento 2 is the next big thing that Magento plans to release soon. Magento 2 edition is promised to mark a turning point for ecommerce. It is a must-have that sooner or later, any Magento users need to upgrade.
  • Magestore has certified developers who got 2nd Place on Magento 2 Extensions Challenge. We are successful in developing an extension to convert module of Magento 1.x to Magento 2.x in a blink.
  • Magestore always stays ahead with Magento 2 technology by self-studying and giving thousands-of-view tutorials on Magestore blog and slideshare

Surprised with this unusual discount? You don’t need to hesitate anymore but take your action now

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* This promotion is not applied for SimiCart & with other discounts

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