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Top Frequent Customization for Auction – A Dynamic Way of Online Selling

Top Frequent Customization for Auction – A Dynamic Way of Online Selling

What do you think if we tell you that you can completely carry out an online auction for your ecommerce storefront? And this procedure seems to be easy for both merchants and your customers because it does not require much time and effort. Especially an auction is a efficient way to get customers engaged more while shopping. It seems like interesting right? In order to do that, you only need Magento Auction extension by Magestore which lets your customers place a bid or automatically bid for products. These feedbacks from merchants have shown that Auction module has really brought a more dynamic way of online selling. These functions of Auction module, if they are reasonably applied, have significant effect on sales, traffic and customer engagement for store owner. If you are curious how other merchants take advantage of Auction for their business, you can find out something exciting from these frequent customization request for Auction module.

Automatically Add Auctioned Product To Cart For The Winner

Normally, when adding a new auction, you can easily configure its settings in Back-end including these settings for auctioned products and necessary auction information. For auctioned products, you can set it sold at actual prices for customers who does not want to join in auction and specify a time interval after the auction completion while a winner can buy an item for the final price she or he set in the auction. The auctioned item she won will be available in her account, she just need to click buy and go to detailed product page to purchase the item. After this period, if the winner has not purchased that product yet, the product is sold normally. However, in order that the winner does not navigate to detailed product page can get the product, store owners want that once their customer won, the auctioned item should be added to their cart in winner’s account and ready for checkout.

frequent customization for auction

So the winner does not need to add it to the cart for checkout. That will make the purchase become easier for your customer. So when the auction was completed, automatically adding it to winner’s cart in her account is one of the most frequent customization from merchants.
frequent customization for auction

The List of Upcoming Auctioned Products

Magento 2 Auction extension allows bidders to follow up the status of auctions they are participating in their auctions watchlist. My watchlist Auctions contain all auctions a customer is monitoring. Product name, number of bids, start price, current price, start and end time, and status are shown in the grid. Besides, it is possible to remove each item. The bidders can be notified via email on each auction status. Email notifications can be sent to your admins as well.
frequent customization for auction
However, merchants can plan the auction for a series of products on their storefront and conduct them at the different time. Thus, merchants want that in addition to list of ongoing auctions in bidders’ watchlist, the upcoming auctions will also be shown here as an announcement for bidders. If they feel interested in that products, they can be ready for taking part in. That will benefits for both merchants and bidders. One can get more bidders for the upcoming auctions, one does not missed these auctions they want to, have fun!

Making Reverse Auctions

Actually, Magento 2 Auction extension is supporting merchants to make the auction in the normally way. For instance, you create an auction and the ordinary price of an item you are going to put on the auction is $100. You set a start price which is $50 and a bid increment of $2. The probability to purchase the item for a price that is lower than $100 is very high. The winner is who sets the unique price and is higher than a reserve price (the price to prevent your store from under-selling). But, in the reality, merchants can make a reserve auction. That means the bidder set the unique and lowest price will become a winner in that auction. In order to do that, our Auction module need to be customized to fit their requirements. This is also one of four frequent customization requests from merchants we received. It can also be an interesting idea for any store owner who has intention to creating a reserve auction for their storefront. If have, just share with us your expectations, we will analyze and work out your most appropriate solution!

The Order of Ongoing Auctions

This is how a page with auctions is designed
frequent customization for auction
Each product offers such information as name, rating, number of reviews, current bid, time left to the end of the auction, the “Bid” button, and normal price. Nevertheless, it will be clearer and easier for the bidder to follow up the ongoing auctions if they are arranged in the reasonable order. For example, these auctions are coming to an end will be shown the first and other auctions will also be displayed in the increasing order by time left to the end of the auction. This helps the bidder easily track the ending time of auctions and make timely decisions for their auctions.

Final Words

As you can see, the auction can be easily implemented on your Magento website, there are both Magento 1.X and Magento 2.X modules. However, each product might have different forms of auctions In this case, just share with us your ideas, our business analysts will analyze and work out your most appropriate solution!

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