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SECOND PLACE on Magento 2 Extension Challenge. I got it!

SECOND PLACE on Magento 2 Extension Challenge. I got it!

Hi friends,

I’m Blanka, do you remember me? Today I come back not to give you tutorials as usual but a story I want to share with you 🙂

At that moment when getting congratulatory email from Magento, I wanted to scream out that “Yes, I did it, really did it”. Do you know which email I mention? It is from Magento 2 Extension Challenge organizer to inform that I gained the SECOND PLACE in that contest.

Magento 2 Extension Challenge

When Magento 2 Extension Challenge was published

You know, to be a Magento developer, I always update information from Magento, especially when Magento 2 is on the process to be released, which is promised to change everything about ecommerce. I knew Magento 2 Extension Challenge by chance and when reading its requirements, I just thought “Why not join? This is a chance to challenge myself with the knowledge of Magento 2 I accumulated”. Then, challenge accepted! I decided to think about what I would do.

Luckily, I am not alone in this Magento 2 journey

When I told my friends at Magestore, they totally supported me in this decision. I realized that I was the luckiest one in the world. During this time, Jack, Brian, Thomas and David were kind and talented colleagues who helped me a lot whenever I had questions about how Magento 2 worked. Wow, they seemed to be specialists in Magento 2.

For my submission, I chose to develop an extension that shortened the time of converting extensions from Magento 1.x to Magento 2.x. As a result, developers or store owners could easily upgrade their store. Just need a zip file of the module in Magento 1.x, upload it in backend and submit, you can receive its edition for Magento 2.x in a blink. Sound cool, right?

To help you understand more, here are features of this module:

  • Convert the extension file from Magento 1.x to Magento 2.x
  • Save  the  log  file  of  class  which  cannot  be  found (the  storage  folder  is changed in Magento 2)
  • Save  the  class  name  that  is  inserted  manually  in  a  library  for  next converting time

I’m done!

When I finished all and clicked on Send button, I knew that I tried my best in this contest. Whatever the result would be, I was happy for my effort because I learned a lot of things. Not only could I understand more about the great world of Magento 2 but I also realized that I had best friends, best colleagues at Magestore. Things I learned will be useful for my work here.

Finally, I gained SECOND PLACE, the biggest and most meaningful gift to me.

More resource: Magento plugins

Let’s be with us in this journey. Fill your email in the subscribe box, we’ll together learn the new world 😀

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This is our talented developer who has been developing many outstanding extensions. If you meet Blanka in person, you will never forget his special laugh, very cheerful and relaxing.


  1. Congratulations!

    I am really happy for you and your team.

  2. Awesome, Congrats Blanka. Good to know we can port from 1.x to 2.X. This Extension is gonna be the Best seller 🙂

  3. Hi Blanka,

    Congratulations, Keep it up.

    Thank you

  4. Can you share the code of the extension you created for the Magento 2 Extension Challenge on Github, please ?

  5. That sounds great!

  6. Anurag Khandelwal

    Congratulations Blanka for the great achievement!

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