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Have you noticed something new about security seal at Magestore?

Have you noticed something new about security seal at Magestore?

There was a time when we received several feedbacks from such lovely customers about how we should implement a better security system. Or, they wonder why Norton Symantic sometimes blocks Magestore site. Yes, we’ve heard the problem and definitely spend time trying to resolve.

Today, we proudly introduce our latest achievement on showing the security checking result. Have you noticed that we have been changing the security badge for a few days?

New Norton Security Seal

Replacing Comodo Secure Seal, the new badge is now Norton Secured certified by Symantec – one of the leading corporation in cyber security. By clicking in this seal, you can see the details of the verification. This is our strong movement to ensure customers information are protected during making transaction on Magestore.com.

View the Norton Secured Seal in detail

The certification verifies that Magestore.com can secure customers’ information as well as pass the malware scan in March, 2017.

Why is this security verification so important?

Being a B2B e-commerce web store, Magestore is required to be highly secured and earn trust from customers as they provide lots of important information such as personal address and payment card to place an order. If the website does not install security patch as well as check the vulnerability frequently, that information are at high risk of being hacked by the third party. Understand the seriousness, we process to gain the qualification in the shortest of time.  It will take a few days to replace old security with the new one in case you may wonder.

If you have any question regarding security issues that may happen on site, simply send your feedback to our mailbox: support@magestore.com. We are glad to have all customers accompany us in every improving step we take.

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