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[NEW Release] Magento Web POS ver 3.0.0

[NEW Release] Magento Web POS ver 3.0.0

Have you ever been freaked out when you are working and the Internet suddenly shuts down?
Don’t worry. With the NEW UPGRADE – Web POS version 3.0.0, it’s not the end of the world anymore.

Magento Web POS version 3.0.0 will bring you:

Greater storage & Higher speed

With new auto-saving local data in IndexedDB browser (instead of simple Local Store Data in the previous version), you can continue selling and complete order submission in a blink, even when the Internet suddenly drops out. When you’re back online, your works will be automatically synced to the system.  


Moreover, your customers will also be fascinated with the seamless online-offline feature when they can use online coupon code while checking out offline. How great! You can make discounts for a specific product or the whole cart and close more sales from price-sensitive customers!

Neat & User-friendly Design

The red hot interface of Magento 2 POS extension is widely favored for its neat and user-friendly design. And now, you can experience this wonderful layout in Magento 1 Web POS version 3.0.0! How amazing!


With the smart and simple interfaces, your sale staffs will get used to Web POS quickly without much training required. The newest Web POS visualizes checkout procedures with product thumbnail images and a front-end look-alike screens. Especially, the responsive design can fit on any tablets, which help you easily create orders on the go.

A set of hardware integration

The new HOT released supports has increased the total number of POS’s peripheral devices to 5 – Cash Drawer, Barcode readers, Card swiper, Receipt printer & especially, Customer pole display. Thus, you will get the whole management of the in-and-out cash flow. No more worry about leaking money!

Besides, with the great integration of Web POS and Magestore Inventory Management, your staffs will always know the exact product availability and manage the number of items added to cart to avoid mistaken orders.


And many more amazing features for your stores in our newest version!


If you have any questions, feel free to contact us or leave a reply below.

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