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NEW RELEASE – Magento Barcode and Purchase Management for Magento

NEW RELEASE – Magento Barcode and Purchase Management for Magento

As a busy retailer, every day, you are supplying tons of products to various customers. Sometimes, you can be snowed under with millions of daily in-out products and make unexpected mistakes, which interrupt your work and flow. But don’t worry, you will not be dizzy with a huge number of products anymore: Barcode Management and Purchase Management, which are hot-favored in Magento Extension 2, are now available in Magento 1.

“How can we manage all products and their attributes quickly and precisely?” – “Barcode Management” might be what you are looking for. With its amazing features, it will be your inventory’s best buddy.


In barcode listing page, you can take any action in a blink. You will see buttons to key operations such as Import Barcode, Generate Barcode, Print Barcode and View Barcode on the screen at the same time.


The Generate Barcode function is optimized to make it so simple. You can generate one or multiple barcodes for a product SKU. In addition, it is more fascinating when your works are auto-recorded in Barcode Created History future printing labels, which mean you can save time printing labels you want.


“Is it possible to create massive numbers of products’ barcode in a short of time?”

With Import Barcodes, I am confident to say “Yes, it is possible”

You can create barcodes for products in mass quickly by importing a CSV file. The extension also provides a sample file to help you download and modify your information based on our suggestion.


No more waste of time to find products. Once scanning an item, you will receive full information on both barcode and product. Besides, you can easily view and edit product attributes like Attribute Set, SKU, Price, Material and Color with just a click on “More Details” button.

If you want to print your barcode, the button “Print Barcode” will bring you to Print Barcodes Section immediately.


In this section, you just need to select your favorite barcode template, choose products and print. It is your free choice to edit the quantity to print.

Learn more about Barcode Management extension here!


While Barcode Management helps you manage all product attributes efficiently, Purchase Management will bring you a smooth flow from your supplier stocks to your warehouses.


You can easily manage all of your suppliers with a brief but full summarized listing page on Purchase Order. To assign products into suppliers, we support CSV file, which you can add products manually and import multiple products at once.


Searching, filtering and sorting the list of quotations on one or multiple conditions will be easier and faster with effective supporting buttons.

There are also 5 buttons corresponding to 5 ways for you to add/update your products. You can easily choose your favorite and most effective solution. The extension also allows sale staffs to send quotations emails to suppliers right in the system only with one click.


Besides manual order creation, you can easily convert a purchase order from a quotation and manage your purchase step– save 90% of your time and eliminate errors. It would be simple to manage all received, refunded and transferred products with related operations in a single page. Thus, you can complete or cancel purchase orders at any time.

Barcode Management and Purchase Management probably the ideal duo for your inventory system. Explore more now!

If there is any function that you want to go into further details, feel free to contact us at support@magestore.com to receive the best assistance!

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