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New Magento Marketplace: one-stop resources for all Magento things

New Magento Marketplace: one-stop resources for all Magento things

After the successful release of Magento 2.0 last year, Magento Commerce has just had a new move to prove that they are actively investing in the development of this e-commerce ecosystem: releasing new Magento Marketplace.

Magento Marketplace – simplified, straight forward and assured!

With those who have known the old Magento Connect, you’d probably be shocked at the new Marketplace – not just the look and feel, but the mechanism and process also.

“The new Magento Marketplace represents our continued investment in fueling this innovative commerce ecosystem. We are focused on offering the most value, access to the latest solutions and making the experience better for our community.” – stated by Magento Commerce’s CPO. Magento team is eager to build a stronger bond and spread innovation between the community despite of marketplace itself being a competitive environment. They also assured the benefits of all parties taking part in this new marketplace:

For merchants: able to discover quickly the extensions or themes that they need. All products in marketplace now have to gone through a strict manual code audit to ensure the safety and functionality which makes merchants feel pretty confident at buying extensions and themes now. It is also expected to be an one-stop resources for all Magento things.

For extension developers, technology partners and solution providers: with enhanced buying experience, providers now can expect a higher conversion rate from the marketplace. Besides, the developers will be highly protected over content and works with new code checks and plagiarism reviews.

Magestore’s extensions have been released on new marketplace!

Magestore team is extremely proud of being one of the very first providers that have extensions successfully passed strict technical and marketing auditing process of new marketplace. We have to admit that the new validating process is crazily hard, but it will help both merchants and providers a lot at being highly accurate in anything: content, coding, creating package and more. All are fully synchronized and arranged!

Then, from now on you can purchase our extensions either in Magestore or in Magento Marketplace with the same support and product policy, there’s no difference between two sources.

Wanna have a look at our new profiles and 8 approved Magento 2.0 extensions?

>>> Visit our profile on Magento Marketplace

What else about Magento Marketplace you should know?

  • Magento Marketplace now only provides Magento 2.0 extensions, but they will transfer qualified Magento 1.x extensions from the current Magento Connect to new marketplace in the next 6 months. So at the moment, the two marketplaces serves different versions of Magento extensions.
  • Magento Marketplace is still being developed and many functions will be updated, day by day. But in terms of product search function, we highly recommend typing exact keywords into search bar, or some irrelevant results may accidentally appear.

For example, if you want to search for extensions providing gift cards products, you should type in “gift card” instead of gift card:

magento marketplace

We are sure that this new marketplace is really worth experiencing, should you try the whole new things there now?

Explore Marketplace

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