Home » Customer Interviews » Manager of www.bed-wet.com is in love with Mega Menu because…
Manager of www.bed-wet.com is in love with Mega Menu because…

Manager of www.bed-wet.com is in love with Mega Menu because…

Having troubles showing tons of products and categories, especially on mobile devices? Many retailers are also in the same mess, but www.bed-wet.com has found their own way out with Magento Mega Menu extension.

A retailer with huge product types

Customer review - Mega menu

We had a small talk with Xavier Tirel – manager of Bed Wet, an online retailer providing bedwetting treatment and medical supply for kids and older teens. With hundreds products divided into a big number of categories, an effective website menu means everything to this online store. Tirel realized that too and he spent time searching for a solution – an easy-to-use Magento extension that works well on any site and suitable for even a non-programmer like him. And voila! He found Mega Menu extension to be the best match among those: “I choose your Mega Menu ’cause I think it’s the best one I saw working with Magento”

He was so satisfied with this choice because…

There are features that keep him nodding his head:

1st: Mega menu works perfectly on desktop and is mobile-responsive.

2nd: Reindex cache (use generated HTML code of your menu) to update changes, not affecting your site performance.

3rd: Very easy to use even you are not a programmer

Let’s see how Tirel optimized Mega Menu more for his online store:

You have some featured products and wanna show them on most eye-catching places? So did Tirel and he chose to display all of them on Mega Menu with images and even prices.

Customer review - Mega menu

Mega Menu offers many different types of menu, and Tirel smartly chose some that perfectly matched his purposes. With this one, he wanted to showcase his customer service and gained trust from customers, using a high-resolution stock photo of a happy family:

Customer review - Mega menu

Tirel also loves the header and footer of the mega menu – which he can easily customize with his own contents.

Magento Mega Menu - Header & Footer

At the end, Tirel gave us some brilliant ideas that could help us improve Mega Menu extension. Thank you very much for your sharing, Tirel!

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