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How extension customization elevate Magestore’s Membership module

How extension customization elevate Magestore’s Membership module

Several Magestore’s extensions help e-commerce owners boost sales and retain customer loyalty by offering customer incentives. Membership is one of those helpful extensions. If you have already owned Magestore’s Membership module and intend to get even better outcomes from it, this post is for you. Read further to learn the top Membership extension customization requests that we have received so far.

Automatically add customer to a membership program after his/her purchase amount reaches a certain number

Customers may sometimes hesitate to purchase the membership package. Or they may not notice your generous incentive on your web-store. What do you do in that case? Wait for your customers to change their mind? Why not actively bring the plan to them instead?

Thanks to customization, customers will automatically get the membership benefits after they have purchased a certain amount at your store. For example, after a user spends X money within Y months, he will become a VIP member for Z years. Within the Z years of membership, if he spends X money, the membership will be auto-extended. The purchase amount is also reset to 0. By this way, business owner can reward busy customers who may have missed your offer on web-store. Customers will receive a notification email about the VIP package that he/she has earned.

Meanwhile in backend, a VIP customer group is automatically created to include all qualified members. Customers with expired membership are automatically removed from this group. They will also receive a notification email a few days before the expiration date. By grouping VIP customers together, business owner can control email-onboarding and prevent conflicts with other promotions.

Set different membership rules for different stores

If you own multiple stores, especially in different countries, you will need separate incentives to match with the regional interest. That is when customization comes in handy. The current Membership settings only allow applying one same rule across all stores. With customization, business owner can set rules for each store without affecting the others.

For example, in a recent case, the business owner has stores in China and Hong Kong. Hence, he requested customization to set different configures at each location. Members registered under Hong Kong store can only login to Hong Kong store. Vice versa, a user can be VIP under Hong Kong store but not a member under China store.

membership rules for multiple stores

After customization, multi-store owner can choose the store to apply membership rules.

Integrate Membership and Reward Points extensions

If you already owned Magestore Membership and Reward Point extensions, integration can double the privileges that loyal customers receive. Customers will benefit from the membership program while earning reward points normally. They still need to purchase the membership package for the first time. However, when the membership duration expires, customer can renew it by choosing 1 of the below 3 options:

  • purchasing the package again,
  • renewing by using accumulated points,
  • or reaching a purchase amount within a specific period.

Customers need to renew membership solely with points, or solely money, not a mix of both. Business owner just needs to set rules to earn reward points and the number of points that shoppers need to pay for the products.

checkout membership package with reward points or money

In frontend, customers can either purchase membership package with reward points or money.

Did you find some good inspirations after reading the frequent extension customization requests above? I hope you do. If you already applied these techniques, please let me know the results in the comment section below.

If you want extension customization service, please contact support@magestore.com for FREE consultation. Visit Magestore’s Extension Customization Service page for more details.


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