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[Infographic] Magestore Magento Quiz: October Result

[Infographic] Magestore Magento Quiz: October Result

Study the areas you feel you would do poorly in. Find good source to learn and practice. Study with Groups also. Most important one, practice day by day.

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Above is a sharing of a Magento Certified developer that had 1-time failure in Magento Certification Exam. Have you decided to take the exam yet? If you haven’t prepared well, hundreds of dollars will certainly go away. Therefore, why don’t we practice trial tests day by day to get better results?

Below is an infographic about Magento Quiz Result in October. Especially, one tester has tested 320 times in total.


All of us know how it’s hard to get Magento Certification Exam, but nothing’s imposible, right? Keep trying and you will catch it, Magento warriors.

Now, calm down and kick-start November with us!

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