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How Magento Store Locator extension helped a watch brand build credibility
Magento Store Locator extension interview MAX Watches USA

How Magento Store Locator extension helped a watch brand build credibility

Howdy guys,

Since the release of Magento Store Locator extension in July, we have received a lot of positive comments from customers about the extension itself and our support service. In fact, the extension deserves nice feedbacks because it has supported many brands and businesses in useful chain management.

Store Locator extension interview - Mr JONATHAN LIEN - President of MAX Watches USA -

Today I have had a short talk with Mr.Jonathan Lien – President of MAX Watches USA, who has been using Magestore’s Store Locator extension in his e-store. Let’s explore how MAX Watches has improved its brand credibility with Store Locator.

Maxwatchesusa.com with Magento Store Locator extension

At maxwatchesusa.com, we offer MAX XL Watches from The Netherlands directly to the public. MAX XL Watches are considered to unite performance, fashion and quality.

Store Locator extension for Magento interview - MAX Watches USA Homepage

I have known about Magento and Magestore since the last job I worked at before quitting to start MAX Watches USA. This eCommerce company specialized in working with the Magento platform. As a Project Manager/Product Manager, I have learned a lot of useful things about Magento and known about Magestore since then. When looking for a solution for our dealer locating, I compared Magento extensions and modules from different providers believe that the Magestore offered the best aesthetics and usability, thus I finally chose Magestore and their Store Locator module.

First experiences with Magento Store Locator extension

At first, it seemed that the Magento extension had a bug, which didn’t show the store or showed it in the wrong location on the map and list. However, I found out it was due to apostrophes and after fixing this, things have gone well then. I am completely satisfied with the design and features of the  extension. Our partners and customers say that the Dealer Locator page is very nice, informative and easy to use.

MAX Watches USA Dealer Locator page

Magento Store Locator extension – Convenience for customers and benefit for business

We love that Store Locator gives us the ability to share our partners’ locations, which helps customers find watches easily while we continue to build our branches. Undoubtedly, it gains the new credibility for our brand as well.

Buid credibility by Magento Store Locator extension

I was lucky to have established Magento skills and knowledge to handle the extension well on my own until now without any direct contact with Magestore’s support. In the end, I see that their Store Locator extension is a good choice for any business owner with little or even no technical skill because it is stable and easy for administration.

Thank you for your interesting story, Jonathan. We wish you good luck and prosperity in your business!

Magento Store Locator Extension

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