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Magento Promotional Gift extension offers value-added benefits for Customers

Magento Promotional Gift extension offers value-added benefits for Customers

 In e-commerce business, promotions and offers are among the most common marketing tactics which improve Customer loyalty and spread Customer base. Regard of this, Magestore released Magento Promotional Gift extension . Instead of offering direct discounts, it gives Magento store owners an edge by running marketing programs which offer Customers free gifts on purchase.

Today we were lucky to catch Tracy, one of the founders of Naturelle – a online food shop. She shared us about her business and experience with Promotional Gift extension.

Let’s listen!

Naturelle – an enthusiastic Magento extension customer

Naturelle online health store provides a range of Natural & Organic Wholefoods, Super Food, Raw Food, Gluten Free Food, Paleo Food, Health Food & Organic Skincare Products. Freshly mixed. Freshly made. Freshly packed.

Tracy Lee co-founder Naturelle - Promotional Gift customer We decided to use Magento as the eCommerce platform fornaturelle.com.au due to the functionality of Magento. It provides a really powerful database that is customizable.

From online research we found Magestore, a provider of Magento extensions with certified Magento developers. They have several extensions that appealed to us .

We also liked the fact that Magestore provides ongoing updates for their extensions and the extensions developed by Magestore meet our business requirements. So we chose Magestore as our big Magento extensions provider and select their Promotional Gift module.

Besides Promotional Gift, we have purchased several Magestore extensions and they have all been integrated and many of them are already being used within our store.

My favorite Magestore extension that we have purchased would have to be the Magento Reward Points extension. Besides, as you can see from our store, we installed One Step Checkout extension, Magento Gift wrap extension, Magento Gift card extension, Daily Deal. For administration in backend, we use  PDF Invoice Plus, Mobile Sales Tracking and Inventory Management. And, yeah … many more. (smile)

 Naturelle homepage with many Magento extensions

Promotional Gift and value-added benefits for Customers

We are very satisfied with the design and features of Magento Promotional Gift extension as it integrates nicely within our online store. The module allows us to promote our Free gift programs at many places on our store, such as product listing pages and product pages. It enables our customers to receive further value-added benefits and to be rewarded for their purchases.

The most important thing to focus on when setting up Promotional Gift is setting up the catalogue & shopping cart rules for free gift campaigns. These rules maintain the reasonable balance between Customers’ benefit from free gift registry and Stores’ profits. This is really an art!

Free gifts help boost customer loyalty - Promotional Gift extension

We love the fact that Magestore have certified Magento Developers. I have worked with Magestore’s supporters several times. They are naturally knowledgeable about Magstore extensions and also Magento, which make us to completely trust in them. I will eager to purchase more Magestore extensions in the future.

Thank you for your story. Wish you a healthy and prosperous 2014 and always be our fantastic customer like this. 🙂

offer free gift, add value to customers and boost customer loyalty

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