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Making better use of Magento Shop by Brand

Making better use of Magento Shop by Brand

Hello everyone,
Nice to meet you again in our Magento Blog! To begin with, let think about this question: “What do your customers usually consider about a product?” Its quality, duration, function or its trustworthiness? All these attributes might be included in just one word “BRAND”! Sometimes when it comes to a specific product, some brand images just pop-up right in customer’s mind. Why don’t you help them to save time by using Magento Shop by brand extension to create and show a page listing all the brands alphabetically and by category?

Magento blog: magento shop by brand user

Steve, the owner of handleshop.co.uk

Well, today we invited Steve, the owner of handleshop.co.uk, to share with you his experience about this matter. Besides some typical usages of Magento Shop by Brand, there are some ways to take advantage of this extension that you might never think about. Let’s find out!

Interviewer: Hi Steve, thank you so much for accepting our interview invitation. Could you please introduce a little about yourself and www.handleshop.co.uk to everyone?

Steve: Hi guys, I’m glad to be here today. Handle shop is a part of Provide Online Ltd, which registered in 1999 in the UK. We are an online retailer of kitchen handles globally.

Interviewer: How did you know about Magestore and how many extensions of us have you used so far?

Steve:We have known about Magestore from Magento forum and tried 3 plugins so far.

Interviewer: Why did you decide to run Magento Shop by brand extension? Are your customers interested in it?

Steve: Well, at the first place, we planned to install this extension mostly for SEO purpose because it’s easy to configure url key, title, meta keywords, descripsion for each brand in backend. But then, we realized that an easy navigation solution for customer to check their required brands is a great way to improve conversion rate. So I think they definitely love this on our site.

magento blog: magento shop by brand extension page

Brand listing page

Interviewer: That sounds promising! Could you share with us why you chose our Magento Shop by brand among many other similar modules and other providers?

Steve: Honestly, I usually do some researches on the Internet before making any decision. It did not take me much time to realize that Magestore extension received good reviews for its useful features and reasonable price compared to some others.

Interviewer: Oh, we are so happy to hear that. So, from your point of view, what features of our Magento Shop by brand extension do you like most?

Steve: Well, it’s difficult to say exactly since we think all of its functions are really helpful. However, if I have to choose, probably Logo upload is a particular favourite of mine because it helps customer visualizes products’ brand easier.

magento blog: magento shop by brand extension (detailed page)

brand detailed page

Interviewer: What do you think about Magestore’s supporters?

Steve: The support was very responsive and helped fix all my issues so far. Thanks.

Interviewer: Is there any feature that you want us to upgrade in our Shop by brand module in the future?

Steve: No follow link to supplier website will be a great update, as we want to use it for SEO, you know.

Interviewer: We appreciate your suggestion and will take it into consideration. Will you continue working with Magestore?

Steve: Absolutely yes! We will need other modules to optimize our web-store and Magestore will be one of our first choices to get extensions. The quality of the extension and the support is definitely worth the money!

Thank you so much for your detailed answers and encouragement! We wish you good luck and prosperity in your business!

Well, hope this interview inspired you to think out of the box, discover some amazing ways to make better use of familiar extensions, and don’t forget to share with us on Magento Blog!

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