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How a Pet Store enjoys Daily Deal module

How a Pet Store enjoys Daily Deal module

Hi everyone,

Nice to meet you in Magento blog! Christmas is coming day by day. All of us look forward to it, because we really know that it is the happiest and loveliest day of the year. I guess that you are prepared for your store and decorated it as well. Several days ago, I had a nice conversation with Ben- one of our very interesting customers. He has covered his Pet Store www.ZooBox.de to welcome Christmas.

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Homepage of www.ZooBox.de

It’s so nice, isn’t it?

Ben has been a software developer since 2008  and is working for a lot of internet start-ups in Germany. His girlfriend was employed at a local pet store. Due to this, she has a wide knowledge of all things regarding pets and animals. So at the end of 2010, they decided to build up an online store using Magento. Ben’s current work is more relevant to development and project management for ZooBox.de. All administrative things and daily business terms are done by his girlfriend-Verena Axnick.

Zoobox.de has been using 2 Magestore extensions for his store so far: Magento Daily Deal and Magento Price Bargain. When being asked about the reasons for running Daily Deal and selecting our Magento Daily Deal extension, Ben said:

“Daily Deal or the Deal Box of the day is a nice feature for our customers. We implemented a trial version for our first store (Magento version 1.5) and were quite happy with that. Our customers liked the special deals and we were able to sell some special items and have sale on running out items more quickly. When we updated our shop to Magento version 1.7, we needed to think about a new Magento Daily Deal module as the given one did not work properly anymore and from the economic point of view, there was no sense to fix this module by ourselves as there were a lot of these module in the market.

The decision to choose Magestore because of the price and the features of the module. There are 2 other reasons which came from Magestore itself. First, we used a free module in our old version store and were happy with the programming and no bugs in it. The other reason is due to the good reviews on Magentoconnect regarding their support.”

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Deal Box on ZooBox.de

Can you guess what feature of our Magento Daily Deal extension does he like most ? Actually, it’s deal generator:

“I like the feature of having multiple deals each day best as we need to provide some kinds of choice. Our customers with rodents or cats are not happy with deals for dogs. Thus we must be able to place a deal for any audience. And the automatic deal generator is a fine add-on which helps save a lot of work and time especially when you have to spend more time on other things (e.g. during Christmas trade).”

“We needed support during installation as we encountered a few bugs regarding to our special setup with a lot of 3rd party modules. But when I say the support was excellent or perfect, I had to lie. It was even better! At the first contact, we got a quick response within a few hours. After that, we provided some accounts for FTP and Admin panel and in a short period of time, all bugs were solved. As we use a staging system for proving all changes before they roll out to our live system. There was no need to hurry, but even in this scenario the support was fast and competent.”– Ben talked about Magestore’s support team.

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Regarding customers’ responses, Ben also shared with me that their customers had always been interested in special deals. They run their deals for a year and quite happy with the feedback we get. Zoobox.de is planning to implement some more modules of Magestore. In the near future, they are some of the free extensions in a longer term, there will be some nice paid ones as well.

More information of ZooBox.de:

ZooBox is a German Company founded in 2010, carrying on an online shop as well as a local store  in Herne, Germany. Their products are spread from Dog supplies such as food and beverages as well as accessories over cat products like food, scratch trees and cat litter, products for rodents and horses to currently a small and growing assortment for fish. Their main goal is to satisfy customers and provide the best service to any upcoming problems regarding pets. Zoobox’s guidance is built in a long term experience with pets and animals which they transfer to customers, helping choose the correct food or get the best accessories to solve upcoming troubles in pet holding. Started in 2010 and completed online shop at the end of 2011, their online sales are growing quite fast with the positive development in customers’ feedback.

Who wants to be our next guess in Interview section? Just hurry up to contact us at support@magestore.com then you and your store will be shown on Magestore’s Blog shortly! 😀

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