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Magento 2 POS new version: Optimize for checkout process

Magento 2 POS new version: Optimize for checkout process

Aiming at delivering the best retailer solutions to customers,  Magestore team keep optimizing extensions continuously to make it contribute significantly to customers’ online business success. Recently Magento 2 Web POS version 1.1.1 has just made its debut.

1. Complete the kit of peripheral devices

Customer pole display is the latest member of Magento 2 Web POS peripheral kit, together with 4 other devices including barcode scanner, cash drawer, card swiper and receipt printer. As long as the pole display device can be connected to your laptop/ PC through a USB port, it can be well-integrated with your Web POS system.

To install the pole display device, you need to run an exe file provided by Magestore. It just takes you a few minutes to complete the file installation then it will play as a drive to help the pole display work seamlessly with your laptop/ PC.

The new version of 1.1.1 makes Web POS’ total number of hardware supported into 5, which effectively help sales staffs smooth & speed up the process of creating orders on their POS:

      • Search products conveniently: barcode scanner
      • Take payment quickly: card swiper
      • Show customers the total amount to pay: pole display
      • Manage payment in cash: cash drawer
      • Print receipt in a blink: receipt printer

Magestore team deeply understand that checkout is one among the most important steps in a buying process, so we focus on optimizing functions that provide a quick & secure checkout process. Therefore not only customer pole display integration, Magento 2 POS version 1.1.1 also comes up with a new payment gateway.

2. Integrate with PayPal payment method

The new release totally supports PayPal – the familiar payment method with many store owners as well as buyers. It makes taking payment more easy & convenient. Customers are allowed to pay with PayPal account online or pay with credit card. After completing payment, customers can receive PayPal invoice via email.

3. Fix existing bugs

Magento 2 POS version 1.1.1 provides you with a more stable POS system, for the development team have reviewed the code and solved bugs arising to ensure a smooth & seamless operation of POS extension.

In spite of many new updates, Magento 2 version 1.1.1 keeps the old price at $599 for Community Edition and $1199 for Enterprise Edition. Check it out now! POS current users can update to the release without any fee.*

Magento store owners, what are you looking for your ideal POS system?

Share with us the devices that you want to integrate, the payment gateway that you need to synchronize, the functions that are crucial for your business, we will study on them and have them come back in further updated versions of POS!

* Magestore customers using Magento 2 POS can install the new version for free. Contact us at support@magestore.com to receive the best assistance when you consider upgrading to new version.

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