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How to Optimize Your Online Store

How to Optimize Your Online Store

When people say ‘optimization’ they usually refer to search engine optimization. Discussing online stores, SEO is one of the most important aspects of your business. It is a very wide subject with an array of practices and applications. Some of the most relevant E-Commerce optimization practices fall entirely under the SEO umbrella while others only overlap partially.

Here are relevant best practices specific for optimizing an online store:

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  • Product Names- The importance of how to name a product is sometimes overlooked. Make sure to be as specific as possible when writing the names for your products. There is a double gain in doing so. First, by being specific in your keyword choice you are eliminating many less relevant search engine results. This allows your products to rank higher in searches and face less competition. Second, users who search for specific product names are more purchase driven. Subsequently, implementing this practice will improve overall quality of the traffic your store receives. The gain is both in your store’s SEO and user experience.
  • Product description- There are many lazy online store owners who will copy-paste the manufacturer’s description into the product page. Do your store a favor and don’t adopt this habit. If you do, you are basically competing with every other vendor who uses the same description. However, if you write an original, descriptive version of your own you are doing your store a big SEO favor. The added bonus is that your customers (not only Google) will appreciate your content more than the manufacturer’s as the latter tends to be dry and lacking many times.
  • Images- Shopping is a visual experience among other things. Online shopping relays more heavily on the visuals as the tangible element is missing from the experience- you can’t touch the product. Using large, high quality imagery is important. 67% of consumers say that an image is “very important” when selecting a product. Also, more than 50% of consumers think a high-quality photo of a product is more important than product information, long description, or rating and reviews.


  • Site performance-Loading times and a fluid user experience is crucial for any E-Commerce site. A poor performance will hinder not only sales but will also affect the way many users perceive your store. In turn, this will decrease your user loyalty. Having a monitoring solution will enable you to attend in real time to any performance issue. It will also allow planning in advance and making appropriate changes to improve the performance in the future.
  • Functionality- A dead link, miss-loaded page and other functionality problems can leave a really bad, long lasting impression. It can also prevent you from making a sale if it occurs at any stage during your sales funnel. Most online store owners add new products (and therefore new pages) to their store on a regular basis. The growing number of products means a higher chance for dysfunctional pages. Monitoring solutions can provide a safety net that will alert you every time an issue rises.
  • Loyalty- Monitoring your e-store will help you maintain a high loyalty level from users or improve it in case it’s not up to par with your desire. The user experience is a vital component to any store’s loyalty base. Protecting it from fails and glitches will ensure your users get the experience you want- make it a positive one.

The optimization of online stores is heavily influenced by search engine optimization. This makes a lot of sense since search engines are a main traffic channel to all online businesses. SEO practices will benefit you greatly on the marketing side, driving more traffic of higher quality. However, the user’s shopping experience will ultimately decide whether a purchase is made or not. A monitoring solution can provide a shield protecting your customer’s experience from malicious glitches and performance drops. Combine it with the relevant SEO practices to create an optimal user experience and bottom line.

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How to optimize online store

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