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HAPPY CASHBACK – A Special Gift for Magestore’s Beloved Customers on Marketplace!

HAPPY CASHBACK – A Special Gift for Magestore’s Beloved Customers on Marketplace!

To all Magestore’s customers on Magento Marketplace – THANK YOU for believing in our extension capacities and choosing it to be part of your successful business!” – Magestore Team.


We meant it by saying that we treasure every support from each of you. Without you, we can’t achieve our ambitious goals; without your feedback, we can’t even improve our product into a next level to serve others better.

That is the main reason we want to say thanks and give all of you those who continue to be by our side and eager to support us – a SPECIAL GIFT:


WE RETURN $50 (or 60 points)

It’s pretty much like a promise and we’re very thrilled to see the participation from you.

Let’s discover this appealing offer! We bet you would never want to refuse this perfect present.


Magestore Offer:

Return $50 to customer’s account (Paypal only)
OR 60 points added to registered accounts on Magestore website for:

    • The first 100 five-star reviews on Marketplace
    • Apply for all purchases of Magento 2 extensions only.

How to benefit from the deal:

Send us your review link on Marketplace via email: kate@magestore.com (Only accept the reviews submitted from 12 May 2017).

Provide us the following information:

    • Order Invoice (optional)
    • Choose your gift options:

Give us your Paypal email if you choose $50 in return via Paypal email.

Give us your account Magestore if you choose 60 points for Magestore registered account.

(*) NOTE:

  • We can only send a $50 cash-back offer into your Paypal account as the process is fast, secure and convenient. Other payment methods are not specifically permitted.
  • In case you choose to add points, the value would be higher (60 points worths $60) as it can only use to purchase extensions on Magestore website.



Have no clue where to start writing a review? Let us help!

You might once be so confused that when you want to review an extension on Marketplace, there is no such thing as “Write a Review” button appeared on your purchased product page. Don’t feel so desperate because we are going to guide you the way to review our extension and receive the gift:
Once you’ve successfully purchased our extension on Marketplace, you would notice that after 1 day, you’d received an email from Marketplace requesting for writing a review:


You can ONLY be able to write a review via this link in the sample email above.

All you need to do is Click on Write a review button, you will be redirected to a specific review submission form.

It will look like this:


As there is no specific link for you to submit a review, you need to follow these instructions in order to rate us stars and provide feedback on extension quality:

    1. Go back to find the email request review from Magento Marketplace.
    2. Search for an e-mail with the title: “Thanks for your recent purchase”. You can simply search the title in Advanced Search of Gmail Or type in search area the email address: no-reply@magento.com).
    3. Click to review link and submit your review.
    4. Inform us to get Happy Cashback!


Once you’re done with the reviewing process, please DON’T FORGET our requirement and send us an email with your review link and gift options included.

As soon as we receive your email, we will contact back within just a day to confirm all the information and send you a HAPPY CASHBACK.


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