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EBay “Paypal Only” policy in Australia

EBay “Paypal Only” policy in Australia

EBay is an American E-commerce company, a symbol of multinational E-commerce all over the world. A business of billions dollars with operations localized in over 30 countries, eBay is not just an Auction web, but it also acquire lots of other properties, for example Magento, Craiglist, Skype and Paypal… After purchasing PayPal, eBay made a new policy restricted sellers in Australia to use Paypal, then led to many controversies later.

“We are going to take learning from it and apply them accordingly.” said eBay spokesman Usher Lieberman. EBay want to test their policy in Australia first before applying it in the United States and other countries. Though eBay said that use of PayPal will stop the fraud more efficiency, many Australian merchants are angry with this policy. Because PayPal costs much more than other payment methods, many people raise suspicion of eBay trying to increase the revenue of PayPal. Many Australian banks claimed that this action will affect the competition of eBay.


“Competition will be restricted, innovation and development will be constrained, new entry will be discouraged and PayPal will be able to increase fees and charges to eBay users,” the Australian Bankers Association stated that clearly.


There are many times in history that eBay made a wrong move. That’s why they need to release the potential properties like Skype or Magento. The new policy in Australia helps their rival auction site OZtion increase a great number of members. Skype is now one of the best social apps of Microsoft, or Magento has released their latest version of Magento 2.

So what do you think of this policy of eBay? Discuss with us now.

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