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Customizing Store Locator To Personalize For Your Business

Customizing Store Locator To Personalize For Your Business

If you have both online and offline store, but the connection between these two channels seems rather weak, making your customers may hardly find your store location, thus it’s time for you improve the connection between them by providing your customers with a map that shows its location from your website. In order to support this functionality, we designed Store Locator extension which helps your customers quickly find out your local store just in a few clicks using search-for-nearest store and direction on Google Map. So, whether this extension can apply for all business model or not. Of course it is, but to have a perfect fit, each business need to customize it basing on their own business model. The following case can be useful information for you if you are looking for customizing for your Store Locator extension.

Showing The Information of Multi-Stores on Multi-Sites

Normally, Store Locator extension allows you to show all stores in one single map. When your customers find out the location of the store on your site, all stores are visualized on the map or listed in left bar for customers to select. Besides, for better navigation, stores located within the same area are grouped on the map. However, actually, store owners can have multi-stores located the different countries. So, they need to built the sites with the similar information but be different in terms of language to suit to each country. In more details, to start the merchant will have four public sites/domains with a single backend. All the dealer locator data will be shared across each of the domains/sites. He would like to consider localization capabilities so that he can have different language support which would add a lot of values to our extension. This can be understood that when customers switch the different languages on front-end, for instance English, French, stores will be displayed corresponding to those countries.

In this case, the default functionality of Store Locator module does not support to show multi-stores. But it can completely be customized to meet store owner’s expectation. We customized this feature for our customer and they are happy about that. So, if you also own multi-stores, just share your requirements with us, we will analyze and implement it for you.

Showing Three Nearest Stores on Store Locators

t help customers find out one nearest store. However, don’t worry so much, our developer will help you solve this issue.

Optimizing the page loading time with lots of stores

When your website has the large number of stores, you will have trouble in page loading time. That the page loading time is too high will lose your potential customers. So, optimizing the page loading is very important for store owners to put sales to come back. In order to reduce the page loading time, store owners request a solution is that once the customer accesses the page, there will be no store listing displayed. There will be a map and the search bar only. In case customers want to see stores in store listing, they have to type the location and press the search button. If customers change locations or select/deselect filter tags, they will have to press the search button again for the new search. In this way the shops displayed at one time will never be more than a few dozen and the page load speed should be faster. This is also one of the most frequent customization for Store Locator we received.

In conclusion

If you are running a brick-and-mortar store along with an online ecommerce website, it is extremely necessary to indicate the availability of the offline stores on your digital storefront. And Magestore Store Locator extension is designed to achieve this goal. If you want personalize Store Locator for your business model, just share with us your expectations, we will analyze and work out your most appropriate solution!

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