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[Case study] One Step Checkout – “check out in a fast and secure way”

[Case study] One Step Checkout – “check out in a fast and secure way”

In the previous interview, I introduced you a case of a F&B website: supermarket.no using Magestore One Step Checkout to increase customer satisfaction. Have you read it? Two websites I want to show you today are also about F&B business. Let’s see how Magestore One Step Checkout works on these sites.

“A good extension that covers it all on a simple way”

This case study today is done with a webmaster of the webshop www.crossmediahouse.nl. His name is Akad Demirdag. Let’s see the approach of Crossmedia House!

“Thanks to a healthy mix of online and offline media, you can create a cross-media approach to your company for more efficiency. Find the right mix requires a lot of expertise and experience. Crossmedia House has it in house and with this we like to put our personal marketing tools and effective so that we can provide the perfect end result together with you!”

Akad showed me his two client’s websites working on F&B that he installed One Step Checkout extension for, which are budgetwijnen.nl and geschenkbestellen.nl

He said that the reason he decided to use Magestore One Step Checkout was “a good extension that covers it all on a simple way”

The best features Akad utilized for his sites

According to Akad’s sharing, the feature he liked the most is that One Step Checkout supports the responsive view. It is designed to fit on any devices so that customers can check out easily using any of them.

Moreover, it’s also easy for him to translate into his wanted language.

In addition to the main information at checkout page, Magestore One Step Checkout allows Akad to add extra options. He really liked it as he could add date & time delivery option and gift wrap option. Just small things but really important to checkout process!

About the result after the extension was installed, Magestore One Step Checkout helps him increase the sales figure as it’s an easy way for customers to check out in a fast and secure way.

Let’s take a look at his client’s checkout page!

During using Magestore One Step Checkout extension, Akad got supported to make the checkout page best fit with his customers’ branding and business. It looks really clean and optimized for customers to checkout.

Magento One Step Checkout

Magento One Step Checkout


What about you?

If you read until these lines, you must consider about Magestore One Step Checkout extension. Let’s get discovered by going to the detail page here.

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