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[Case Study] Enhance customer shopping experience with One Step Checkout extension

[Case Study] Enhance customer shopping experience with One Step Checkout extension

You must have thought a lot to optimize your checkout process to make sure that customers won’t leave at the last step. Many choose multi step checkout while others prefer one page checkout only. In this interview, I wanna show you an example of a customer who utilize Magestore One Step Checkout extension to simplify his checkout page.

After using Magestore One Step Checkout extension, Emil Shamloo, the webmaster of www.supermarket.no, agreed to have an interview with me. Supermarket.no is a business in Food & Bevarage.

Supermarket.no Grocery online is a small company with extensive experience in food products online since 2002.  At groceries online you will find known and safe brands, which are handpicked to your order. We can also offer large packages, which are not found elsewhere, perfect for the canteen! We  offer competitive prices, where small quantities are as affordable as large.

Why Magestore One Step Checkout extension?

Emil knows that it’s important to optimize checkout steps and finally, he chose Magestore One Step Checkout extension for his site. The reason at first is just the free support policy from Magestore but then he found a lot of interesting things about our extension when starting to use.

Are you curious about the feature he liked most? It is “finding location by Google”. This feature is also one of the extension’s unique points compared with other providers. Magestore One Step Checkout extension uses Google API technology, instead of GeoIP like others, to auto-update the address. By this way, your site won’t be slower as Google API uses the data of Google, not having to update the database manually like GeoIP.

The result is better, proved by customer satisfaction

“One Step Checkout makes shopping experience easier for our customers. They are satisfied with one step checkout.”

Emil shared when he was being asked about results after he applied One Step Checkout extension. The result is proved by customer satisfaction. That’s great, right?

Moreover, to use the extension the best, Emil Shamloo requests our developers to do some customization in the extension theme so that it matches with his website and branding. Let’s see how it looks on their website!

Magento One Step Checkout extension

Emil used 2 column layout and do you find the interesting thing here? According to user experience, Emil optimized One Step Checkout extension in design and layout to make sure that his customers can see the most important button “Send Order” at checkout. Instead of putting it after the cart review, he placed it above. This is a small tip you can try for your checkout page. Make it always visible to customers!

What about you?

If you read until these lines, you must consider about Magestore One Step Checkout extension. Let’s get discovered by going to the detail page here.

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