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All in One Pricing Plan: We’re talking about New Rebuilt M1 Inventory Management v1.0.0

All in One Pricing Plan: We’re talking about New Rebuilt M1 Inventory Management v1.0.0


This is the latest announcement about a new transformation of Inventory Management for Magento 1. The rebuilt Inventory Management (IM) was released on 13th February 2017.

The reconstructive IM is early offered at only $249 ($299). Not divided into 3 editions (Basic, Professional, Enterprise), Inventory Management rebuilt v1.0.0 is a single version which gives you more PRO-Features such as manage multiple warehouses & predict supply needs.

You may wonder what are the differences between the old Inventory Management and the rebuilt one. Of course, customers who are using IM v.1.7.5 may also decide to apply the reconstructed IM into their stock controlling system.

Well, let’s stop a regular post which shows you the most typical features of the extension. Time for FAQs because you might not notice this is the big change of Magento 1 Inventory Management!

FAQ 1: Which features included/excluded in the rebuilt IM comparing to the old version and IM for Magento 2?

You can find the full comparison of features among these versions by access this link. The file list all features of the rebuilt extension including notices about new features. You can find several missing features which are included in the old Inventory Management but not in the rebuilt version. Those features will be added in the next update. In additional, having the same concept with Magento 2 Inventory Mangement, the rebuilt IM for Magento 1 will be supported by separated extensions including:

FAQ 2: I am using Magento 1 Inventory Management (IM) and interested in upgrade into the newly rebuilt version. Is there any cost I have to pay for?

According to Magestore policy, you will get FREE lifetime update for the extension you purchased. As the result, you do not have to pay any further cost for upgrading. Once you decide to upgrade, remember that all customizations that you have with your current version will be removed.

We recommend that if you have owned a huge inventory system with a lot of complicated customization already or manage multi warehouses, please consider carefully the upgrading option as it may cost you a fortune. Otherwise, we are always willing to support you in moving from the current plan into the rebuilt IM.

FAQ 3: What about all data of products? Will they be imported if I choose to upgrade?

Yes, absolutely. Our product team will support you in exporting the data and importing into the rebuilt Inventory systems.

FAQ 4: Can I use the rebuilt IM with the rebuilt Web POS v3.0.0?

Yes, you can. However, please be aware that the Rebuilt Inventory Management v1.0.0 only works with Web POS v3.0.0 for Magento 1. Lower version of Web POS cannot operate properly with IM rebuilt.

In contrast, do not update Web POS into version 3.0.0 if you still want to use the old Inventory Management for Magento 1 in your system.

FAQ 5: Is there any upcoming update if I still use the former M1 Inventory Management?

We will only keep updating the old version following the update/change of Magento (e.g. compatibility, security patch). There will be no major update about features as we will focus on deploying and developing the rebuilt IM.

These are all explanations that we would like to provide. We hope this article can help you having a better overview of our innovation in Inventory Management. For any queries that pop up in your mind, leave your comment or send us email via support@magestore.com

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