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Email Marketing Images – the Pros and Cons

Email Marketing Images – the Pros and Cons

Effective Email Marketing

Email Marketing is a marketing commercial message sent by an organization or company to its current and potential customers through email system. The content of email marketing is often ads, request business, solicit sales or donations.

The current usage of email marketing is extremely popular, it is estimated that firms in the United States themselves spent $1.51 billion on email marketing in 2011 and this figure will go up to $2.468 by 2016 (VanBoskirk Shar, 2011).

In this article, we provide you with pros and cons of using images in email marketing and suggest some email marketing tips.


1. Encourage CTR

It is universally acknowledged that almost 80% of people who open email newsletters merely scan information instead of reading, so designing a simple, attractive and concise email is necessary. Using images in email is one of effective ways, which encourages viewers to click on your links and find out more about products and services.

images help increase email CTR

Images help increase email CTR

2. Be familiar

Because people always make very quick decisions whether to open an email or not, you need to improve the efficiency of email marketing by ensuring that your emails are opened. One of the best ways to do that is to choose images that your readers will recognize and associate with your brand. As a result, many companies and organizations currently make their email templates similar to their websites to look more professional.


1. Cannot display images in some cases

Some email service providers such as Gmail and Hotmail do not display images by default in your emails, if the viewers want to watch the pictures, they have to download them. In fact, merely few viewers do that, thus putting much information in images means losing a half of your subscribers.

2. Send email to Spam Folder

Your email can sometimes be sent to the Spam Folder instead of Inbox Folder, which leads to decrease in open rate.

Though it does not occur regularly, be careful! The reasons may be overuse, bad use of images or other triggers. If you are experiencing an inbox deliverability problem, the advice is to remove some of your images.

Basing on the pros and cons of using images in email marketing mentioned above, we will give you some suggestions to enhance the advantages and limit the disadvantages, so it works more efficiently for you.

4 email marketing tips

1. Limit the size of header graphic

The typical email preview pane is horizontally aligned and less than two inches in height, so make sure that you have approximately two inches of space to convince a subscriber or user to continue reading your email

In addition, when you create a header graphic, be sure to use one which is about 700 pixels and no more than 75 pixels in height. Header graphics can be different or similar for emails depending on your purpose.

2. Thirty percent rule

It is recommended that 30% of email space is for picturesIt is not useful if all of your email is either text or images. If you send text-based email, your email may look less attractive and less professional. In contrast, an all images email can easily be put into Spam Folder. You should use 30% of your available space for pictures. A good designer team can spend more or less than this amount to create effective email marketing. However, 30% is a safe level.

3. Use nice alt texts

Because images may not render well in some email clients, you should give a descriptive alt text to tell your recipients the content of the picture. Besides you can ask them to set rules to always display images  from your address.

4. Have a clickable caption underneath each image

The final target of email marketing is to promote products or services, and increase sales. Therefore, it is helpful to have a clickable caption underneath each image that refers to your products or services. The customers can easily find more details and decide whether to buy.

So, is your email marketing working well?

If you have not have a firm answer yet, look carefully at your email marketing and try to apply our suggestions if necessary. We hope that you find those tactics come in handy. Don’t hesitate to leave some comments and share us your experience.

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