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How Magento Customer Style Profile makes traffic & sales soar up

How Magento Customer Style Profile makes traffic & sales soar up

Magento blog-magento customer style extenision user I think Magento Customer Style Profile extension proves to be an ideal extension for customers to enjoy a whole new experience of shopping and share their very own showrooms with the rest of the people.”

Waqar, the owner of Transfashions.com



Nice to meet you in Magento blog, Interview section. I bet you are curious about our guest this week. Yeah, the topic today is on Magento Customer Style Profile extension and Waqar will go along with us in this talk. Waqar is running an online store of fashion and beauty products www.transfashions.com from the last 1 and half year. His website is mainly dealing in Bags, Clothes, Shoes, Perfumes, Makeup, Jewelry and other fashion accessories with worldwide shipping.

magento blog-magento customer style profile homepage

Home page of Transfashions.com

Q: What causes you to come to Magestore, Waqar?

A: Well, I was searching for an affiliate program and found Magestore and there I also found lot many other useful extensions for my web store. I have visited lot many other sites who are offering different magento extensions but in Magestore I find it more user-friendly as well as much better extension options.

Q: How many our Magento extensions have you used so far? Can you name some?

A: At this moment I am using two extensions of Magestore;

  1. Magento Customer Style Profile

  2. Magento Product Instant Search

And both of them I found them really useful in order to make our store more user friendly and interactive especially Magento Customer Style Profile extension is really something which gives users a much better way to browse through different products and make their very own showrooms.

Q: As I see, using Magento Customer Style Profile seems to be a good decision. So, why did you decide to run Customer Style Profile (Showroom) extension?

A: I strongly believe that you should give customers more control to make their own choices so that they can have a feeling that this store cares about their personal style. For these two major reasons I think Magento Customer Style Profile proves to be an ideal extension for customers to enjoy whole new experience of shopping and share their very own showrooms with the rest of the people.

Q: How does Magento Customer Style Profile module inspire your customers? How many showrooms are there in your site?

A: I would say it’s a whole new experience for our website customers and we have received a very positive feedback from our clients and customers after creating their showrooms recommend to their friends and family and perhaps its not only gives them an opportunity to show their hidden talent to others but also helps in great many ways to increase our sales and promotion which we probably not able to achieve otherwise. At this moment we have 9 showrooms at our website along with 6 stylist showrooms.

Q: I guess the Magento extension has added more values to your business. Could you share something about it?

A: Well, customers create their showrooms as per their own selection of products. After creating the showroom it’s their first desire to share with their family and friends through social media sites such as Facebook. That certainly increases daily traffic and sales in our site up to great extent.

Magento Customer Style Profile extension

Showroom listing of Transfashions.com

Q: What features of this extension do you like? Do you like its design?

A: Above all I like its design but apart from design I personally like its easy-to-go approach, which attracts the customer to proceed in order to use its functionality. Moreover, customers have full rights to add or delete its product selection at any time.

Q: Do you find our extension easy to install and configure? Have you ever worked with Magestore’s supporters?

A: I would certainly like to mention the customer support of Magestore who helped a lot in order to successfully install this extension and even after installation I have asked for some assistance and their team was always there to help me and that I consider an added advantage with this extension.

Q: We are going to the end of the talk, so any last word you want to share?

A: Last but not least, I would say that all of the extensions by Magestore I have used so far are really unique, easy to install and more importantly with excellent coding and customer support in particular Magento Customer Style Profile extension.

I strongly recommend this extension to all web store owners. It fits to nearly all kind of store no matter you are running a hair stylist site, flowers shop, fashion products, music, gadgets etc.

Ok, I think that’s enough for today. Thank you for spending time with us! We hope that you will continue being our intimate customer. Wish you good luck and prosperity in your business!

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